Eat. More. Pizza

 Inspired by our passion to do things differently, Ugly Pizza Co. personalise each pizza to whatever our pizza loving customers want.  We're a mobile pizza pop up, covering all types of event around in and around London. We don’t restrict our menu to the pizzas we like, we don’t even have a menu. You decide how you want your pizza. No questions asked.  
Why Ugly Pizza? All our pizzas turn out deliciously different. Some sexy, others ‘darn right’ ugly. 
We bring ugly Pizza to Beautiful People at private and public events all over Surrey, London, the United Kingdom and beyond. 

Everyone. Loves. Pizza

Ugly Pizza Co. can bring the pizza to your party. Our ovens are so portable, we can pretty much set up wherever you need. All you need is a little outside space and we can be there. Hire us for Weddings, Birthdays, Work Parties, Garden Parties, Birthdays. Anniversaries, Festivals or any type of private or corporate shindig; you name it, we can do it. 

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